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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kit list

As many of you know I have a Sugar and Spice page for my healthy meal kits on Facebook. Over the last few days I have had an enormous number of requests for price lists and order instructions. So much so I have decided to post my list on here, to try and save some time. If you have any questions then please contact me.

Kit list 
The kits are herb/spice packs that include a recipe and instructions. You provide the fresh ingredients. 
The packs only contain herbs and/or spices, no oil, additives or preservatives. You use extra lean meat and vegetables in the recipe. 

They are aimed at all that wish to eat healthily, and meals for all the family, and provide healthy alternatives to popular classics.

I have had fantastic feedback from these kits, we as a family eat them also.  

The following items are £0.60 each

Spicy carrot and coriander soup mix
Butternut squash and cumin soup mix
Moroccan Squash and Bean soup mix
Tasty vegetable soup mix

The items below are £1.50 (each), each kit serves four unless otherwise specified

Onion bhajis - makes 12 - 1 each
Beef Kofta Curry - meatballs in a curry sauce
Beef madras
Andhra Chilli chicken – very hot! 1/2 per portion
Lamb Rogan Josh
Pork Vindaloo also hot!
classic chicken curry – a favourite, can be made with vegetables 
Tandoori masala for bbq's 
chicken jalfrezi
Shahi Murgh - mild and fragrant
creamy chicken Korma - again very tasty mild and fragrant
shami kebabs
Shish patties
aloo gobi - potato and cauliflower curry
bombay potatoes
taste tempting spicy potatoes
Tikka masala sauce (not as gravyish, more cling to your meat)
Cochifrito - spanish smoked lamb casserole
smoked sausage casserole
beef Stifado - 1/2 per portion
Hungarian Goulash
chilli beef
chicken biryani
Chicken dopiaza
Kheema Curry – mince beef curry
Quick Curry – made with either cooked meat or cooked prawns
Paella - 1/2 for whole recipe
chicken seasoning (tastes like KFC)

The following items are £1.00

pilau rice 
Saag aloo – spinach and potato side dish
Curried Sauce for meatballs
Herby tomato sauce for meatballs or chicken
Tasty bolognaise - 3 for whole recipe

The following items are £2.00

Stew and herby or plain dumplings (dumplings 2 1/2 each)

If you decide you would like to order some, return the email with your list and i i will let you know how much including a delivery charge ( I try and keep this to a minimum).  Dont forget to give me your address for postage.  

You can then pay my email address through paypal

Or if it is easier, I can let you know how much it will be and you can post me a cheque or postal order.  I will wait for the cheque to clear before sending out any items.   

My website is under construction, but will probably take another few weeks.  

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  If I dont get to the phone straight away, I will call you back.

I hope to hear from you again.  

Diane Prince 
Sugar and Spice 

Tel: 07411 283161