Best books for me are:

  • Red dragon - Thomas Harris, by far the best book I've read, gory, inhumane, and unputdownable

Monday, 31 January 2011

Lets start this party!

Well, this is my first blog post!  As you can see I haven't even finished designing the page yet.  Impatience!! I get that from my husband.  Funny though, because Im not that impatient about the housework or the ironing.

If you have read my profile you will know that I am passionate about food.  In all its forms and glory!  I enjoy culinary creations alongside 'jam butties'.  However, as always with having two children, I try to teach and give them a good start and inform them of the benefits of healthy eating. 

I have a husband that is crazy about curry, the hotter the better!  I have never been able to satisfy his curry craving until recently.  I was using shop bought jars and packets to create the dishes for him and whilst I am not critisizing them at all, they just weren't right for us.  Somehow I felt them missing something, and they certainly weren't hot enough for Mark. 

This made me think about the kits.  I had also decided to lose some weight and with the encouragement of some friends I created the kits to create healthy, delicious meals for the whole family.  It started off with a couple of curries and starter dishes.  However this has now grown to over 20 dishes which are all very popular. 

One of my new kits last week was a request, beef chilli.  This I usually find myself making as an easy meal, however now much easier as I can grab a kit, throw it in with the other ingredients and bish, bash, bosh. Done.  All in the name of making life easier, to spend more time doing the things you enjoy, rather than thinking you have to spend ages, following intricate recipes to get healthy food. 

I am blowing my own trumpet but these kits are the best ever, no additives, no preservatives just goodness!
They are packaged in cellophane with simple printed instruction.  No fancy jargonistic recipe to follow and costly (moneywise and environment wise) packet. 

If you wish to look at one of my curries a link is supplied to ebay below as no website is available yet.  However this is being worked watch this space!